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Cynthia Duff

Cynthia Duff

Cynthia grew-up in Denver, Colorado which provided a rich culture with galleries, museums, concerts and the majestic Rocky Mountains. Her family was surrounded with the arts, playing music, painting, and always exploring the outdoors. “I learned at a young age to appreciate the beauty of nature. My father enjoyed painting landscapes and had his children painting alongside him.” Her parents inspired her passion of nature and the relationships of life.

As a child you would always find Cynthia with a box of crayons, drawing and coloring. In high school her art teacher submitted a poster, created by Cynthia, which won a city wide competition. At her first art festival she won an award while showing with her father. “It was at that time I realized my passion in life was to be an artist and Commercial Art was my way to make a living.”

In 1983 Cynthia moved to Grand Island, Nebraska to take over a family business and start a family. Grand Island had no idea of Cynthia’s passion of the arts or her effect on the community. Cynthia wanted a rich culture for her children. She started as a freelance artist and created what is today the Grand Island City logo. She became involved in the art clubs, started “Art in the Park” which grew to over 100 exhibitors and the event continues today. She became involved with the nature conservatory called “Crane Meadows”. Grand Island is known world wide for the migration of the Sand Hill Cranes. Cynthia is still known as the “Crane Lady” due to all of her paintings of the cranes. She was co-founder of “Fonner Grand Visions Art Competition”, and Prairie Winds Art Center. This provided the community with on going exhibits of member artists, featured artist shows, painting and photo competitions, activities and classes for both adults and children. She became involved in downtown development and helped to establish the Moonshell Arts and Humanities Council. In time she was honored with the prestigious award of being in the Moonshell Arts and Humanities Council Hall of Fame.

“In 2006 my greatest works of art, my children Christopher and Jessica, went to discover their own in the world.” It was time for Cynthia to devote herself to her creative arts. Returning to Colorado and setting-up a studio in Grand Junction, Cynthia found some of the most inspiring locations in the world. “Whether it be on my motorcycle, hiking, skiing, boating, golfing or diving, I am inspired every minute by the sun’s light and how it’s glow lands on subjects below. I am inspired by God’s spirit and how wonderful each curve and shape, in its own way, dances to music.”

“I start my work with this raw magnificent inspiration. I visualize it... I become one with it. I use music, color, subject, shape and line to help me orchestrate my art on paper, canvas, wood or metal. Once the art has started, it follows a journey of its own. My inner self must be allowed to flow and create. I am often amazed at the results. I feel God has guided me in every brush stroke and decision I have made.” People comment on the chemistry of color and the rhythm of the shapes. Her work has an unique interpretation with an ethereal feel.

Cynthia has been privileged to be recognized by Legends of the Cranes, Artist Magazine, Watercolor Magic Magazine, and “Outdoor Life” PBS series. She has published a book called Prairie Meditations along with poet Trisha Moon-Beem. Her works can be seen in many public, corporate, and private collections around the world.

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